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Mia is so precious!
Don't forget that most of these images would still need a bit of polish before they are printed. I edited a few of my favorites for you (hopefully you can tell the edited ones from the originals :)
P1155 Cottle-196P1155 Cottle-195P1155 Cottle-193P1155 Cottle-167P1155 Cottle-163P1155 Cottle-157P1155 Cottle-153P1155 Cottle-151P1155 Cottle-147P1155 Cottle-145P1155 Cottle-142P1155 Cottle-138P1155 Cottle-125P1155 Cottle-121P1155 Cottle-119P1155 Cottle-118P1155 Cottle-116P1155 Cottle-107P1155 Cottle-95P1155 Cottle-90